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Introducing Drysdale Cheeses, the first commercial goat cheese

manufacturer on the Bellarine Peninsula. Registered in December 2005,

our cheese making concentrates on a range of hand made cheeses,

manufactured from the high quality milk from our herd of Saanen goats.

The goats live on our Scotchmans Road property in Bellarine, where they

are milked daily. We are a registered dairy herd and so all of our animals

are pure bred.

Their diet comprises of unimproved pasture, tree cuttings, pasture hay

and a goat "muesli" that we mix for them. Extra essential minerals and

vitamins are administered via seaweed meal and salt licks.

Although we are not certified organic, we follow permaculture farming

principles and adopt ethical animal treatment. We do not milk animals

that are heavily pregnant and newborn kids will stay with their mums

for those first few days of all-important colostrum (first milk).

Each doe only kids once every two years, allowing for their optimal


The milk is then transported back to our cheese making room at

Drysdale. The basic method for making cheese requires pasteurisation in

this country, although a small group of speciality cheesemakers are

working to allow raw milk cheese to be made legal in Australia soon.

After pasteurisation, cheesemaking cultures are added to the milk for

flavour ripening and then an enzyme called rennet is added to coagulate

the milk, thus producing curds and whey. 

Our cheese making procedures use only vegetarian rennet.

Different varieties of cheese will then require different temperatures and

different treatments. The cheeses are made in small batches and require

careful aging and draining, and so may be unavailable from time to time.

Drysdale Cheeses are only available locally, at selected restaurants.

Phone Corinne on 0437816374 for more information.

CORIO-LYNN Dairy Goat Stud

We breed Saanen Dairy Goats.

As members of the Dairy Goat Society of Australia (DGSA) we pride ourselves on the

quality of the genetics that we work with.

We have quality bucks available for service and, each spring, there are a number of

kids available for sale.

We test our herd each year for disease and we are CAE and JD clear.

Please feel free to contact Corinne on 0437816374 if you have any questions.

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